8oz sirloin steak        

served with onions, mushrooms, tomato  peas and a choice of potatoes 


Steak & Kidney Pudding

served with vegetables, choice of potatoes and gravy  




Home Cooked Ham

with 2 eggs and chips



mash and veg.  or two eggs and chips


Chilli Nachos

topped with melted cheese and jalapenos


Chicken Curry

served on a bed of rice with naan bread and a popadum



served with garlic bread


Garlic Chicken Breast

served with chips and peas


Sausage and Onions 

served in a baguette


BBQ Pork Ribs

served with chips or rice

  Home made Beef Burger

served with cheese, onion rings & chips    

Lamb Shank

served with mash and veg 



Battered Cod



Wholetail Scampi

The above are served with a choice of potato and peas.





Cauliflower & Broccoli Cheese

served with baguette 


Vegetable Curry

served on a bed of rice with naan bread


Macaroni Cheese

served with baguette


Vegetable Lasagne

served with garlic bread


Jacket Potatoes

Served with a filling from the following choices

Baked Beans

Tuna and Mayonnaise


Chilli,or Curry



Traditional Ploughman’s

Cheddar Cheese 

Home Cooked Ham


Served on brown or white bread  

Cheese with Tomato, onion or pickle

Ham with tomato or mustard

Tuna and Mayonnaise

Prawn and Salad


Extra Nibbles



Cheesy Chips (S) or (L)


Nachos with Cheese (S) or (L)



Garlic Bread


Cheesy Garlic Bread


Tomato Soup and Baguette


Side salad


Portion of vegetables






Tarte au Citron

Apple Pie

Syrup Sponge

Chocolate Sponge

Spotted Dick

Jam Sponge

All the above are served with your choice of Custard, Cream or Ice-Cream



Served with Ice-cream and sauce  

All the above dessert

Vanilla Ice-cream

Served with chocolate, strawberry,or toffee  sauce 



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