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 Why is the pub called

'The Cat and Custard Pot'?

Is there any other place where, in order to enter a church one may first have to enter the adjoining public house? if the quaint church at Paddlesworth is locked, the key may be obtained from the 'Red Lion' a few yards away where it hangs on a board beneath an appropriate jingle. In fact the public house is generally known as 'The Cat'.

We were told that the old 'Red Lion' signboard was blown from the branch of a tree from which it hung many years ago. A new board was needed and the village artist obliged. The new sign was painted in gorgeous colours, the lion was depicted with 'fierce sprouting whiskers, his ears pricked and having boiling eyes'. The villagers assembled to gaze at the work of art and all declared that the artist had not drawn a lion but a sprawling cat! Unfortunately the work of art is untraceable.

As it is now, 'The Cat' was a very popular hostelry. Folk gathered to play skittle alley, goal running, jennyplus and to fly kites. We read of cricket weeks and of harvest home suppers where the 'famous beef puddings of Mrs Dixon were devoured with zeal by the sons of the plough and the other farm hands'. After this a piano was brought in and singing began - some countrymen songs being 40 or more verses long.

At one time the East Kent Foxhounds met at 'The Cat and the Mustard Pot', as it was called in the well known volumes of Yorricks. The explanation for the name 'The Cat' we accept, but we find no satisfactory origin for 'The Cat and Mustard Pot'. We find this name in newspapers at the turn of the 19th century, yet later it became 'The Cat and Custard Pot'. What was the reason? Just misspelling???

About Us

The Cat and Custard Pot is situated in the Hamlet of Paddlesworth , near Hawkinge, nestled in the picturesque countryside of the North Downs. It is within 15 minutes drive from the seaside town of Folkestone and is hosted by Jeane and John.

The Cat was the main public house used by pilots and other personnel who were stationed at the once nearby Hawkinge Battle of Britain airfield. The pub itself contains a varied collection of aviation memorabilia and photographs that represent the history of the area during the last 100 years. 


Affordable pub food available daily, lunchtimes and evenings for you, your family and friends to enjoy inside our nostalgic pub or alfresco in our enclosed garden. take a look at our menu, reservations are advisable


A good selection of beer's available and watch out for our guest ales

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Lunchtimes 12.05pm - 3pm, Evenings 7.05pm - 11pm

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Lunchtimes 12.05pm - 2.00pm every day

Evenings 7.05pm - 9pm Monday - Saturday

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Cat and Custard Pot
Paddlesworth Lane
Paddlesworth, Kent CT18 8AD
01303 892205

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